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Did you know that the Bible tell us that the Gospel was first preached to Abraham? Learn about the important promises made to this man which is the key to unlocking your scriptural understanding.
Why did God require such a brutal dealth of His only begotten Son? Learn all about the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Did you know that Baptism (total immersion) is required for all believers to be saved? Learn how we must identify with Christ's sacrifice through baptism in order to participate in his ressurection.
Did you know that those who die "in Christ" receive no reward until their resurrection? Learn more about what the Bible says about resurrection, judgement, and your salvation.
Where does temptation come from? Learn about who or what the Devil really is.
Did you know that there are over 300 referrences to the return of Christ in the New Testament? Learn why Christ must return to the earth before anyone can have salvation.
The Kingdom of God on Earth
Did you know that the Bible tell us that there's a Kingdom of God coming which is not in heaven but on earth? Learn what happens when Christ returns.
What does the Bible really say about Antichrist? Is someone or something that is coming or is it already here? Learn about what scripture truly says so you will not be deceived.
Did you know that in Christ's first advent he fulfilled the law? Does this mean that we no longer need to oberve the Sabbath? Learn what the Bible teaches concerning this commandment.
Death is a fact of life; but did you know there's a way to escape the permanent effects of death? Find out how making changes in our lives today will assure our future tomorrow.
Did you know that there is more evidence that the worlds were created by an intelligent living being than by chance and circumstance? Find out why it makes more sense to believe in God than not.
Why does a God of love allow human suffering. Find out the Biblical perspective on this important subject.
Where does evil come from
What is the source of evil? Does it come from a supernatural being that is at the root of all calamity or does the Bible support a different idea? Learn what the scriptures really say about evil.
Many over the years have dedicated their lives to changing the world but poverty, injustice, violence, and immorality continue to exist. Learn about how this will all change very soon.
Did you know that eternal life depends upon knowing the only true God? Get to know God; who his is and how He can save you and your family through His Words of Truth.
How can the prevalence of pain, sickness, tragedy and death be consistent with the existence of a loving, all powerful God? Discover a different perspective that makes sense and offers hope in a hopeless world devoid of God.
Why doesn't God speak to us today as He once did to the Jewish people? Discover the truth about the Holy Spirit gifts and what they could and could not do.
Read about one man's journey to discover God and His son, Jesus Christ, and how along the way, he got to meet the rest of the family.

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